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We are the digital transfer service helping you make quick, secure and low-cost online money transfers across Somaliland. We understand the importance of remittances to the Somaliland economy and have therefore designed our platform to make it as easy as possible to send money back to your loved ones in Somaliland.

Somaliland has quickly become a cashless society with the wide use of ZAAD and eDahab mobile money – our platform allows you to send money to Somaliland popular mobile networks instantly from the comfort  of your home.

How to send money to Somaliland in 3 easy steps

For a better customer experience, we have simplified the process of sending money into 3 easy steps

Choose how much you want to transfer

You will see our low fees and exchange rate upfront.

Add your recipient's details

Or choose from a list of people you have sent to before.

Pay for your transfer

Pay via debit card.

Available PayOut choices for Somaliland

We offer flexibility and choice allowing you to choose how money is paid out to your loved ones in Somaliland:

Mobile Wallet

Instant transfers to eDahab is available. Send money in seconds to your chosen account. We work with the following networks:



Cash Payouts

If your loved ones prefer to pick up cash then they are able to do so at a wide range of cash pickup locations across Somaliland.

Iftin Express Agents in Somaliland

Branch name: HARGAISA
Contact Person: IFTIN EXPRESS
Phone Nr.: 002522512186/4472059/3001

Tawakal Express Agents in Somaliland

There are too many agents to list here so please contact us via Live Chat or email to find out the nearest Tawakal Express agent near you.

All in all, a hassle-free way to send money to loved ones in Somaliland!

Why choose PayQuik when sending money to Somaliland


Our advanced platform enables us to fulfil most transfers immediately.

Low Cost

Fair and transparent pricing shown up front. 


Super easy to send money to Somaliland via our website or phone apps.

Hassle Free

Send from anywhere and at anytime giving you complete flexibility.



  • Advanced privacy and data encryption technology
  • We partner with world-leading payment providers, so your money arrives safely every time
  • Track your transactions – always know where your money is with status updates

Sending Money Made Even Better With Our App

Download our Android/iOS app today and make the whole process of sending money online even easier. 

  • Email and push notifications helping you track your transaction
  • Save details of regular beneficiaries
  • Easy-to-use app enables users to make money transfers in just a few taps!

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